I have been talking more and more about self-compassion with my clients as of late. Self-compassion can often times be more helpful than self-esteem. You are not helping yourself by being mean to yourself once you make a “mistake.” Self-compassion is necessary for combatting that guilt and shame. Dr. Kristin Neff is the self-compassion guru. Check her out!


Dr. Kristin Neff

Men Have Mental Health Struggles Too.

Men have strong feelings and emotions. Many in our society believe that men are not allowed to have these as they are supposed to be “men.” Ignore this. Seek out help if you are going through something! It is not helpful to suffer alone.

Not Talking About Mental Health Is Literally Killing Men

EMDR...What is it?

EMDR, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, is a method used to treat trauma, both single incident and reoccurring. The process uses bi-lateral stimulation to enable the right hemisphere to work with the left. Trauma is housed in the body as sensations, and EMDR is geared toward decreasing those feelings and emotions.

Here is more information regarding EMDR:

What is EMDR?