What is the first session like?

Prior to the appointment, I will email you the intake paperwork. If you don't have access to a printer or forget to bring it with you, don't worry! I have extra copies at the office.

Sessions will be 50 minutes in length. We will discuss the paperwork during the first session along with any of your concerns or hesitations. Along with going over the paperwork, I will likely ask more about background and history, family dynamics, current issues, and goals of counseling in order to see the whole picture. 

I get that the counseling process can feel awkward. Outlining your story to a stranger can be extremely difficult. My role is to make you feel as comfortable as possible by providing a safe environment. My hope is that you increase your quality of life, find time to take care of yourself, and become the person you want to be.

How long and how often will I be in counseling?

Everyone is unique. Everyone's path in counseling is different. There is no standard duration as everyone's process is guided by their own pace. I do encourage clients to come in at the beginning of the counseling process once a week or bi-weekly in order to establish rapport, collaboration, trust, and stability.

We will frequently evaluate how you are feeling and how you are doing. We may redefine targets and goals as counseling proceeds. It can be a longer process for some; however, as you develop new skills and coping techniques, we may decide that sessions can be pushed back to every three weeks or every month. Eventually, my goal is to have you feel sufficient, comfortable, and enough on your own. 

What is the fee per session, and do you take insurance?

I view therapy as an investment. You are finally investing in yourself.

Each session is $130. I have a few spots for reduced fees. Please feel free to inquire if this feels right for you!

As of right now, I do not take insurance. However, I can provide paperwork (known in the therapy world as a “Superbill”) for you to submit to your insurance company for possible out-of-network benefits. I encourage you to call your insurance to find what those benefits are.

For further information or a free phone consultation, please contact me here.